Beginners Class

Coming into a martial arts academy can be intimidating for the beginning student. Our goal with the beginner’s class is to allow our students to learn jiu-jitsu by focusing on mastering technique, with limited and controlled active sparring.


This class follows a strict curriculum that is vital to a beginner’s progression in Jiu Jitsu.


Lessons are focused on teaching the principles of the art, including everything from self-defence through to a range of basic techniques which provide a great foundation in Jiu Jitsu.

No Experience Necessary


We structure all beginner programs so that you can start at any time without any previous experience. Regardless of your age, athletic ability, or skill level, you will be able to execute the techniques on your very first day.


After a brief warm up, the class then goes into specific positional training. Step by step instruction is given so each individual can perform and become proficient in the position being taught. Each class ends with controlled drilling of the moves to help develop muscle memory making the positions second nature.

Most 60 minute classes